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I’ve recently was asked for a numerous time — “Is being a great developer vital when choosing information security as a professional career?”, so I decided to write a more in-depth answer to the question.

My answer below:

Beneficial? Yes.

Necessary? By no means. Demand for development skills in infosec…

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Having worked on both sides of the fence, I want to share my biggest lessons learnt during my career that entailed:

  • being a penetration tester and red teamer
  • being an accomplished bug bounty hunter
  • working as an internal QA engineer, Security Engineer and Security Architect a’ka blue teamer
  • running and…

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I’ve seen following questions pop up very often, so decided to write some brief blogpost about it from my POV.

For how long will the security testers’ work be required?

What is the future of IT security industry and penetration testing?

This is my bio which adds some context to the whole article

I started my ‘adventure’ in the IT world from…

Dawid Bałut

Senior Security Director at Egnyte

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